Tour Plan

Day 1. Arrival (Athens)

At Athens International Airport you will be met by taxi of Executive class (Mercedes E). For convenient logistics, we ask you to arrive before 2pm. We will take you directly to Alimos Marina, where the catamaran is based.  All products will be bought in advance according to your food preferences. On this day we depart from Alimos Marina. Our first sail is about 3 hours to Poros island where we spend our evening and night.

About Poros. Poros is a little Aegean gem that sits in the heart of the Saronic Gulf.  Lush vegetation, beautiful little beaches, picturesque villages, and a vintage aura make Poros an attractive island to visit. The first thing that will stand out to you as you approach Poros is its charming capital and the trademark of the island, the Poros Clock Tower. Built on a hillside, Poros Town is one of the most picturesque capitals of the Aegean Sea islands. Poros town is the center of the island’s activity, as the array of traditional taverns and Poros restaurants located along its seafront promenade come alive when the sun goes down, attracting vacationers from all over the world!

 Day 2. KYthnos Island

In the morning we will take a walk along the seafront promenade, and bath in the rays of the warm Greek sun. Then, we will enjoy our morning coffee and depart for Kythnos island with its scenic bay and ancient Chora. This sail is quite long, about 6 hours. We will stop at the port of Merichas and visit an incredible town of Dryopida, where time stands still. There are white houses, narrow flowery streets filled with warm sun, and friendly and smiling Greeks. We will certainly enjoy a swim on the beautiful Kolona Beach.

Kythnos is a beautiful mountainous island that sits on the west part of the Cyclades island group. Wild natural landscape, full of flowers gardens, the aromas of oregano and thyme, windmills, an elegant architecture and a selection of stunning beaches, makes Kythnos a living fairy-tale. Hora, also known as Messaria, is the capital of the island built on a hilly ridge. It is a classic Cycladic village of whitewashed houses with blue windows, stone windmills and flowery courtyards and narrow streets that has been relatively unchanged since the 17th Century. Around every corner you will see paintings by local residents depicting many aspects of island life. Dryopida is located right in the center of the island. It is a quiet picturesque town of red-tiled roofs, probably, remnants of the village’s tradition in ceramics, with  winding narrow alleys. The main attraction of Dryopida is the Katafyki cave, the largest of the Cyclades and one of the largest caves in Greece. It features beautiful stalactites and stalagmites although much has been destroyed in the past. In Piazza, you will find taverns and coffee shops. On your ascend to the neighborhoods of Galatas and Pera Rouga you will admire beautiful churches.

Kolona beach is the island’s most famous and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. A narrow strip of golden sand, surrounded by the sea, creates two independent beaches and connects the island of Kythnos with the island of Agios Loukas. The whole area is virgin since it is hard to reach it by a motor vehicle.  Thanks to its unique geographic location, it is protected on both sides from the wind that makes it perfect for yachts. The Kolona’s beach crystal clear waters and a blue color, combined with its golden sand, creates a fantastic landscape. It is the fact that anywhere you stand, natural beauty is such as to allow a collection of unique photos.

Day 3. MILOS Island

We will sail to one of the most beautiful Islands of the Milos archipelago, where the legendary statue of Venus de Milos was found. At sunset will take pictures of beautiful colored houses, and at dawn we will photograph the snow-white beach of Sarakiniko. The sail is about 5 hours.

About Milos. The island, where the Venus de Milos was discovered (and now in the Louvre Museum in Paris), is one of the most impressive islands in the Cyclades. Milos is a volcanic island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes and a wide range of activities. Milos’ capital Plaka is a pretty town with lovely whitewashed houses and suburb views. It is believed that Plaka is built over the Acropolis of ancient Milos. Steps lead to the ruined Venetian Castle (Kastro) whith some ruined houses that formed the outer walls of the fortress. On the top there is Panagia Schiniotissa church with breathtaking views over the town. In Plaka, there are two museums, the Archaeological and the Folklore Museum. Only on Milos you encounter small colorful houses by the sea, so-called “sýrmata”, which the fishermen used as shelter for their boats in winter. Other sites worth visiting are the Catacombs of Tripiti from 3rd century A.D., the earliest known Christian site in Greece and the mystical Sulfur Mines. Milos cuisine is a paradise for gourmets. The local recipes a bit differ from the traditional Greek dishes and supplemented with the locally grown products.

Milos is famous for its coastline. With more than 75 small and big beaches of crystal, deep blue waters, multi-colored carved rocks and golden coasts. Sarakiniko beach is Greece’s lunar landscape that is most photographed on Milos. The entire surface formed by the volcanic rocks doesn’t show any signs of vegetation and is colored entirely in a bright white, which makes an interesting contrast with the deep blue and turquoise of the surrounding waters. This amazing scenery gives one the impression of standing on the surface of the moon.

The months of April and May are ideal to see the island blooming, to smell its keen perfumes, and to ride around in the exceptional road network to see a unique wild landscape.

Day 4. Santorini

Santorini – the highlight and main destination of our trip. Due to the catamaran size we cannot go to the island’s marina. We will spend the night standing on a buoy right under the most beautiful town of Oia island, where we will walk and enjoy the most world-famous sunset of Santorini, overlooking the old town and the mills. The sale takes about 5-6 hours.

Santorini is one of the world’s most famous and beloved holiday destinations that is at the top of a lot of bucket lists. It is well-known for endless blue skies, crystal clear waters, cute white-washed architecture, flowers, and most beautiful sunsets. Oia, also known as Pano Meria, is considered the most picturesque village of Santorini. It is on the northwest coast of Santorini and is built on the caldera slope. Oia holds the position of the most visited spot for sunset viewing, as it provides an excellent view of, probably, the most famous sunset in the world. It is an exceptionally photogenic pedestrian town that is a maze of little shops, restaurants, cafes, houses, and those iconic white churches topped by blue domes.

Day 5. Folegandros

We will arrive in Folegandros, one of the most beautiful and non-touristic islands of the Cyclades. It is also known as the most Italian of the Islands. You will be delighted with the simple beauty and grace of its magnificent Chora. The sale is 4 hours.

Folegandros is an island of incredible nature. Untouched by international tourists, Folegandros still manages to keep its unspoiled charm. There are three main villages on the island: Karavostasi, Hora (Folegandros town) and Ano Meria. Hora is one of the oldest traditional medieval towns in the Cyclades; the buildings stand close to one another creating the external wall of the Kastro castle. It has a unique center of three squares in a row, with trees under which you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat in a quiet, romantic atmosphere. Its view is considered second to the one of Santorini. The Kastro is a medieval fortress at the top of the town which dates from the 13th Century. Called “an untouched piece of true Greece,” Folegandros island looks like a Cycladic postcard from every corner!


We will anchor at the wonderful Serifos. We will enjoy leisurely Greek evenings in the port towns, gourmet restaurants , and the magnificent old town. The sale is 4 hours.

Serifos is another island that stays away from the crowds of international tourists and manages to keep its wild beauty. In Greek mythology, Serifos is the island where Perseus grew up, bringing back Medusa’s head to save his mother from the unwanted romantic attentions of Polydectes, and where the Cyclopes were said to live. The Chora, main town of Serifos, is one of the most elegant Cycladic towns and is comprised of a lower and upper part. Built amphitheatrically on a rocky hill it boasts beautiful whitewashed sugar cube houses and churches, an incredibly panoramic view from the stone paths and cute narrow alleys. It is worth taking a 10-minute walk up to the Venetian castle, built in the 15th century, to enjoy a drink in the view of the blue sea. Serifos’ cuisine bursts with aromas and flavours! Among their specialties are marathopites and marathotiganites (fennel pies baked or fried), revythada (traditionally cooked chickpeas) with a local variety of raisins, sun-dried octopus, local cheeses, and the island’s superb thyme honey. Serifos island is famous for pristine and idyllic beaches that have been untouched by mass development. One of the hidden gems of the island is the monastery of Taxiarches (The Holy Monastery of the Archangels). It is located on the northern side of Serifos island, close to Galani village, and it is very interesting from an architectural point of view. Built in 1572 this men’s monastery is dedicated to the patron saints of Serifos, the Archangels Michael, and Gabriel. It has got the look of a fortress with a tall strong wall that is built around to protect it from plunders and pirates. The Monastery of Agioi Taxiarches is paved with marble. There is a relief work in the shape of a double-headed eagle at the entrance, symbol of the Byzantine Empire. It also hosts a number of religious heirlooms including many manuscripts, the Sacred Codes of 1754 and valuable rare books. A library has been founded in the Monastery in 1909. Today the Monastery is open to the public.

Day 7. Return

We return to Alimos Marina in Athens, the sail takes about 6 hours. Then transfer to the airport by taxi of Executive class, although you might want to stay a couple of days in Athens and explore this full of history city.

Tour Price

2900 $
for 7 days

Accommodation and logistics

Photo workshops

Air tickets


Contact us

    Meetup at Keflavik airport, arrival time is flexible. It will be a calm adaptation day including walks in the city center and in the port, a visit to hot springs and watching the sunset on the waterfront overlooking the monument of Drakkar. We will spend the first night at Reykjavik’s camping site.

    We leave Reykjavik early morning for the village of Geysir to photograph Strokkur, the most famous geyser in the world, which erupts about every 15-20 minutes at a height of 20 meters. Near the village there is a small, little-known, but very unusual waterfall named Braurfoss, we will take photos of it too and then move on to the largest release of water in Europe, Gullfoss waterfall (the Golden waterfall). If we are lucky with the sun, we will see a rainbow (or a few!) in the background of the waterfall. Then, we will go to Landmannalaugar, the heart of the Colorful Mountains. The name translates as “cupel of the men of this Land.” The hot river flows right out of the lava field in which we can swim and enjoy the incredible scenery. Here we will set up our camp for 2 nights.

    On the third day of this Iceland photography workshop we will do a trek in the Colorful Mountains. These rhyolite mountains are full of various minerals; that is where the wealth of the color palette comes from. We will see many smoking fumaroles, mountain rivers, waterfalls, lava fields, and craters of extinct volcanoes. It will be a very beautiful and life-time memorable track. Another advantage is that the trek is not difficult and even children can walk it. It takes about 5-6 hours with a maximum drop of 500-600 meters. During the trek we will make a lot of beautiful panoramic shots. In the evening we will photograph the sunset with a beautiful view over the golden ridge of the mountains and swim in the hot river.

    We will head to the village of Vik. We will drive along one the most beautiful of roads in Iceland, wading through dozens of rivers, enjoying and shooting incredible landscapes that will include snow-capped mountains, endless velvet fields, rivers and lakes, and a land dotted with lava flows. It will be a scenic unforgettable drive. We will arrive and set up camp in Vik, the most southern town of the country. At sunset we will go to see two beautiful waterfalls. The first one is Glymur, little known, but very beautiful. It is hidden in a narrow gorge, almost in a cave, and is very difficult to shoot, our photo guide will give you a detailed tour that will help you to take unique pictures. Then, in pre-sunset light, we will shoot one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls called Seljalandfoss. This is the only waterfall that can be photographed from inside, there is a path that allows you to take a walk around it. While the low sun is still shining, we will move to one of Iceland’s most iconic beaches; Reynisfjara. There we will see Atlantic puffins for the first time, and will photograph incredibly shaped basalt columns, caves, and legendary rocks of petrified trolls in the sea. After sunset we return to the camp to rest.

    At dawn we will visit the famous Dyrholay Cape. We will photograph beautiful landscapes of rocky shores with Atlantic puffins in the first sunrays. You will need a 400mm lens or bigger to be able to take good shots. Then we go to the very popular Scogafoss waterfall. This is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, and we will try to get there before he buses with tourists. After our morning photography trip, we will have breakfast, fold tents and head to the east to Skaftafel town. On the way we will stop by the most famous canyon Fja. It will be about an hour’s walk along the cliffs ends with a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the waterfall. We will set up a camp, have some rest and then explore the famous Icelagoon (Jokulsarlon) at sunset. You will enjoy photographing drifting majestic icebergs in the rays of the sunset contour light.

    It will be the most sleepless night of our photography tour, but it will be worth it. We will meet the sunrise in Icelagoon, by the ocean, where the waves of the anthracite beach carry ice floes, and sometimes whole icebergs. To shoot them in the first rays of the rising sun, is, perhaps, the main highlight of our photo tour and if we are lucky with the weather conditions, it will be one of the best dawns of your life. And we will do everything possible to make it happen. Then we go back to the camp and if the weather is favorable, you will enjoy a flight in a seven-seat plane.

    It will be an hour-long flight over southern Iceland, you will enjoy the views of the colorful mountains, beautiful rivers, Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajokul, and the alien landscapes that surround Longisjor lake. This flight might become one of the most amazing visual experiences for you. For the security reasons, there is only one window that can be opened on the plane, so only one person is able to take photos. However, we normally agree that the pictures are shared between all participants and do not have a copyright. If you are interested in an individual flight, we can arrange it for you, the cost is approximately 1500 euros. During the day we will rest, take a walk around Svinofell glacier, and in the evening, we go to photograph the most elegant waterfall of Iceland Svartifoss, its narrow transparent water flow is framed by the basalt rocks. It was this scenic view that inspired the architect… to create the largest temple of Iceland …. kirha. Since it is a very popular place we will take pictures around 21.00 to avoid crowds of tourists.

    On the seventh day of our photography workshop we will head to the North of the island to the shores of the steaming volcanic lake Myvatn and spend 2 nights there. It will be the longest transfer of the tour; about 5 hours. After setting up a camp, we will go on a sightseeing trip around the lake and walk among mini craters, enjoying completely different landscapes compared to the south. In the evening after a long road trip we will relax in the thermal lagoon, which we prefer over the famous Blue Lagoon. There are less people, 2 saunas, cold beer available right in the hot lake, and beautiful views around. We will have a good rest and gain energy before the final part of our eventful trip.

    On the 8th day of our photography trip we will start our morning at Dettifoss, the most mystical and captivating waterfall. We will take pictures and enjoy the primal energy of its powerful muddy stream. Prometheus, the film by Scott Redley begins with the scenes of this waterfall. Then we will go to Sellfoss waterfall; numerous streams of which fall along the walls of a long canyon. After the waterfalls we will go to Husavik, a fishing village where we will take a boat and set off to go whale-watching. We never know if we are going to be lucky, however, in 9 out of 10 cases we photograph the giant tails of these magnificent creatures, and sometimes the whales can even emerge ten meters away from the ship. This trip will end with a hot cocoa from the captain. After whale-watching we return to Myvatn village to relax. In the evening, we will visit the famous Gryms cave, and at the sunset we will go to the famous Godafoss waterfall (waterfall of the gods) that in addition to its beauty has a historical prominence. The old idols were thrown into its three majestic streams, when Iceland accepted Christianity.

    We will go to the north-west of the island to the town of Hvitserkur where we will camp. In the evening, we will go to shoot photos of the seals that are enjoying the sun on the rocks of the surrounding bays. After that we can go to the hot springs.

    It will be your final day of this eventful photography workshop. We will start our day early to photograph the iconic Icelandic rocks, Hvitserkur, that resembles a dinosaur drinking water, in the rays of the rising sun. Then we will fold up the camp and head to Reykjavik. We will arrive at the town after lunch and stay in a camping area. You can fly home in the evening on the same day, or the next day.

    The cost of the tour includes all the logistics from and to the airport, accommodation in comfortable double rooms (exception Iceland, where we will be camping). Since we sometimes rent beautiful historic houses, we cannot always provide one bathroom per room, but it is rather an exception than a rule. For an additional fee of 90 euros/day we can provide you with single room accommodation. The price includes guide services, photo workshops and training, and discussion of photos of the participants.

    It does not include air tickets, food, drinks and souvenirs.

    Our tours are drone-friendly, we will show you the best locations that permit to film from drones and will help you to take stunning shots from a bird’s eye view.

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