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7 best places to take breathtaking photos

Coming home after a great vacation is both pleasant and sad. But what can be more warming to the heart than going through all the terrific photographs you took during your travel? 

We created for you a list of 7 places in the world that are not only beautiful in real life but are also the best to photograph. 


Lofoten is an archipelago in the Northen Norway region. Snowy mountains and peaks reflected in the sea surface will take your breath away along with fantastic sunsets and sunrises. Also, there is a big probability of catching some northern lights in winter.


Iceland is another place where you can be lucky to catch aurora. But even this natural phenomenon seems ordinary and unremarkable against the background of amazing Icelandic landscapes.


Picturesque hills and mountains, endless vineyards and olive groves blend in a fascinating landscape. The best places to take photographs are small Tuscan small towns and villages.


Provence became an inspiration for many great artists like Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Mattise. The landscapes here seem to be from another universe. And we believe that photographs from here have the aroma of lavender, thyme, and rosemary.


You will be immediately captivated by the beauty of the Greek islands and towns. The best way to take photos is to rent a  yacht or go to a yacht photo tour (ссылка) and capture nature and architecture from distance.


This small country in the heart of Europe is a real treasure for a traveler.  Cozy old towns with golden roofs, majestic castles, and famous Moravian fields will leave you speechless.

Sicily & Aeolian Islands

Another destination in sunny Italy, but Baroque architecture is not the only breathtaking thing here. The Aeolian Islands and volcanos, some of which are functioning, will be a real discovery.